Products Pro

Our Product suite developed at iCube facilities - iCubePro is focused mainly on generating, managing and printing of Drawings stored in a PLM system.  iCubePro has been architected to be PLM neutral.  However, ready-to-use modules for integration with Siemens NX and Teamcenter (Engineering/Unified) products exist.  iCubePDF, iCubeTIFF, iCubePrint, iCubeLM comprise the iCubePro suite of products.

iCubePDF is a PDF generation and watermarking system that integrates with PLM systems and electronically watermarks various parameters on the PDF drawing, such as Approver name, Approval date, Approval signature and any other static text or images that are required.  ICubePDF is also capable of providing configurable security features for PDF such as password protection, control on copy, extraction and printing of the drawing.

iCubeTIFF also performs a similar function as iCubePDF, but for TIFF formats.

iCubePrint is a utility that helps print TIFF and PDF files generated by a PLM system and routes to appropriate printers in the network at preset times using appropriate paper sizes

iCubeLM is a license manager for managing the site licensing scheme for iCubePro. 

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