MOSS 2007 based. Upgrade to MOSS 2010 scheduled for 2013.

Node Locked access of Supplier data from Supplier nodes.

Highly secure access of Supplier data from OEM site.

Controlled printing of Drawings by Supplier.

IP protection of OEM data.

Product and IP owned by iCube

Tight integration possible with Teamcenter using SOA to drive certain TC functionalities via the Supplier node

128 bit asymmetric key encryption for all data

2-factor authentication provided through single UI. The usual Login/password as well as a time bound key generated automatically by the client. The server knows how to decrypt this key at the time of authentication

Supplier login does not need access to the Active Domain in the OEM network.

The 2-factor authentication ties the supplier?s access to the OEM through a specific workstation at the Supplier site only while simultaneously providing highly secure access to OEM data

This specific Supplier workstation is hardware fingerprinted by our software and this prevents the supplier from using any other workstation for supplier collaboration

The Supplier uses the client through Windows Explorer 8

The software also enforces connection to pre-approved printers and plotters at the Supplier site and prevents taking out a softcopy of the drawing.

Even if the OEM?s drawings are approved for printing, the supplier is allowed to print only specific number of copies and the OEM server keeps track of how many prints have been legally taken

The client has its own license manager. The license has to be renewed every year.

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