“I appreciate your competency and diligence in what has been a well executed and professionally managed project!  Your expertise in working with large customers is quite impressive and we would be delighted to continue this partnership.”
-Rajiv Ghatikar, VP, AusSEAN, Siemens PLM.

“Excellent!  This is a good example of a professional project execution for a large customer. I look forward to working together on other such projects”
Gavin Spier, VP, ExperTeam, Asia Pacific region, Siemens PLM Software.

“The experience of iCube Logics and their know-how helped us to provide our customers with the PLM solution customized to their needs. One thing that impressed me the most – Apart from the expertise in technology, iCube Logics understands the customer needs and provides much more than just customization; they have always provided improvement of processes and added real business value to our customers.”
A large Reseller and Service Provider in Europe