Welcome to iCube Logics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by a set of dynamic entrepreneurs with a rich experience in Application Development, Project Execution and Business Consulting in multiple areas including Product Lifecycle Management, Retail, Manufacturing and Scientific Computing, iCube Logics is a Software Company that focuses on its customer's IT needs and provides comprehensive Enterprise solutions.

Product Lifecycle Management Services and Product Development form one of the core business areas for iCube. we have a comprehensive PLM offering comprising product Development, Presale technical consulting, Business Consulting, end-to-end project implementations, Training and Support. We are a Services partner with Siemens PLM and offer unique training packages on Siemens PLM products through the Siemens Authorized Training Partner Program

Customer Testimonials

Ideation is the process of generating ideas. At iCube Logics, we not only think deep and generate ideas to provide solutions for your business needs, we also foster an atmosphere for each of our staff to think laterally and collaborate to develop ideas that benefit our customers.


Innovation transforms ideas into valuable outcomes: new products, processes and services. We have invested in developing the infrastructure and corporate culture that encourages innovative solution development. Our experience over a number of years in various industries and domains has vastly helped in fine-tuning our corporate culture and internal processes.


Leading edge businesses use best-in-class solutions for their business needs. At iCube Logics, we fully understand that these solutions need to integrate with one another and work seamlessly. Our experience with integrations between disparate systems and software architectures built for integrations with other software, is extensive.